Our Story

A lifelong love for the City of Portland, with a passion for sharing our stories.

In January 2018 Eric and Catherine combined their lifelong love for the city of Portland and all it has to offer, and Portland Explorer was born!

Eric and Catherine "brother and sister" were born and raised in neighboring South Portland; a stone throw away from the City of Portland's historic Old Port.

Whether it's providing tours of Portland’s downtown waterfront district, lighthouse tours, brew and shopping tours, to corporate and private tours; Portland Explorer is passionate about exploring and sharing storied events and fun facts of Portland and its surrounding points of interest. From one of North America's oldest working waterfronts, to restaurants and shopping, we strive to fill the niche for tourists and locals to do touristy things without feeling like a tourist!

We operate a modern 12 passenger Ford Transit, which allows our explorers comfort while we drive the cobblestone streets and scenic coastline through Greater Portland. We also have a flat screen tv inside the van with a slide show presentation during the tour. Bottled water is provided on tour, so basically just kick back and relax while your guide takes you on an unforgettable tour!

"Eric & Catherine" Sitting on the Thomas Block, behind Custom House Wharf, Old Port Portland - 1987

We hope you enjoy our tours as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

          If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Catherine Escamilla


Owner/Business Development
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